Guide to the Future 2016 - Valentine Edition

Your 2016 Guide to the Future covers your next 12 months in amazing detail. Every major (and minor) astrological influence that will affect you. Not just what's in store for your sign... but what's in store for you, personally.

And now, the introduction now contains a special focus on Venus, the love planet and the position it held in the sky on the day that you were born!

What sign is your Venus in? What does this mean about your emotional and romantic needs? What's going to happen to you during the weeks and months ahead?

Make the most of every moment with your Guide to the Future and prepare yourself for all the amazing things that lie ahead.

Your chart reading will be calculated and delivered online in a few minutes. You will be able to read the many pages of your detailed report via your browser and also as a high-quality downloadable file, for you to keep and enjoy forever.

If you'd like to order a 'Guide to the Future' or 'Partnership Profile' or a 'Personal Profile', as well as a Life Map click here.

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