castle_mercury It's a Full Blue moon and Halloween, the eve of All Hallows' day and traditionally, the time when whispering will-o'-the-wisps and secretive spirits make themselves heard and seen. Interestingly, this once sombre festival has become a joyous celebration of all things dark and dodgy.

Werewolves, zombies, ghosts, ghouls, spooks and spectres are all, allegedly about to walk abroad. And is it really a time when you can expect to encounter a vampire? Well, that depends, probably, on if you know any hedge-fund managers! Though this year may be a little different, the spirit remains the same.

Your Guide to the Future will help you to re-connect with your spirit, and be confident enough to let the world finally know who you really are behind the mask. It's full of 'spookily accurate' predictions and in-depth details about you and what's to come. For Halloween, there's a huge 30% OFF all Chart Readings and your Guide to the Future is now specially extended to run until the end of 2021.


Plus, for the Halloween weekend only: Three FREE Tarot Readings.
You'll be spooked by how accurate they really are.

Your Guide to the Future 2021

Every major (and minor) astrological influence that will affect you personally. Not just for your sun-sign... but because it is based on your time and place of birth as well as your date of birth, it's unique to you alone. Page after page of uncannily accurate predictions and in-depth readings that explain all you've lately been going through and what great opportunities await you next. Armed with this precious information and new perspective, you'll feel ready to take on the world and make the changes you need to make. Your Guide to the Future will change your life!

Cainer Astrology

also at 30% off:

Personal Profile
A fascinating, in-depth look at what those cosmic forces really did have in mind for you when you first came into the world. Your Moon sign, rising sign, Your love life, your luck, your challenges and your chances. Understand them. Make the most of them! Change your life!

Partnership Profile
What's really going on between you and a partner or a friend. How can you maximise the attraction, minimise the friction and really make your unique, special relationship as magical as it has the cosmic potential to be?

7 Year Life Map
If you imagine your life as a play, here's the scenery, the setting, the cast list and the essence of the drama. Once you read this, and absorb all the amazing revelations it contains, you'll be ready to perform your role to the best of your ability and truly fulfil your potential.
Plus! Receive a FREE 14 Days 5 Star Membership token, and try out the amazing 5 Star 'Astro-Alerts', with no obligation!

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(this chart only, specially extended to run
until the end of 2021!)
Personal Profile
Personal Profile US$18.95
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Partnership Profile
Partnership Profile US$22.45
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7 Year Life Map
7 Year Life Map US$43.45
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